Maria Zemantauski


Three accomplished musicians with eclectic tastes - fiery flamenco, classical, Baroque, Latin & Appalachian - collaborate to create something totally unique: GX3+.  The name GX3+ refers to the fact that we play (at least) three very different guitars: flamenco, classical & Baroque PLUS mandolin, charango, guilele, cajons (percussion boxes), banjo and mountain dulcimer.  The result is innovative arrangements of the traditional, classical and Latin repertoire as well as stunning original compositions by Maria Z, arranged for the trio.  

Ray Andrews:  Baroque guitar, charango, banjo, dulcimer.

Sten Isachsen:  Classical guitar, mandolin, cajon.

Maria Z:  Flamenco guitar, guilele, cajon.  

"These musicians sounded incredible, blending flamenco, classical and bluegrass, among other things, into a fresh, vibrant and rich sound.  Be sure to check them out if you get the chance!" Daily Gazette

Listen to GX3+ HERE!

Photo Credit: Heather Hamlin


 Hailed as "...sophisticated, but sassy!" by those who know us well.



Photo Credit: Heather Hamlin