Maria Zemantauski

Maria Zemantauski

by Maria Zemantauski

Released 2018
Released 2018
Original Nylon String Guitar Fusion with a distinctive classical and flamenco flair!
This compilation cd celebrates two decades of original compositions and arrangements by guitarist, Maria Zemantauski. Her music is most significantly influenced by the traditional classical and flamenco guitar repertoire, but there's always a 'twist' that identifies her flair for experimentation and her pure love for the instrument.

As one reviewer wrote, "Zemantauski has continually pushed the boundaries of the possible with her trusty 6-string, blending genres that have little or no business appearing on the same bill, much less in the same song. It’s rarely less than electrifying to watch her do it."

Always an educator, student and pro guitarists alike will appreciate the accessibility of Maria's music. She incorporates the techniques of classical with the picado and rasqueado of flamenco, but also draws influence from other genres, like ....believe it or not...clawhammer banjo technique in the song "River Street." These songs are as much fun to play as they are to listen to!

"Maria's music embraces flamenco for its foundation, but builds the rest of its house with a broader mixture of materials, from classical music to Brazilian influences, all with inimitable Zemantauski-style." Chris Proctor, Taylor artist/clinician

With the release of 'Maria Zemantauski,' fans now have the best of Mrs. Laughinghouse, Seeing Red and Under the Lemon Tree, on one cd, along with the previously unreleased bonus tracks, "Rumba Del Rio" and "Farruca Para Dos."

Guest artists:
Brian Melick, percussion
Monica Roach, cello
Scott Petito, bass
Tony Dumas, cajon
Katita Milazzo, palmas/baile

Brilliantly recorded and mastered by Scott Petito at NRS Studios in Catskill, NY.

"All of life is my inspiration. With guitar in hand, its been an incredible journey. Thanks for listening." -Maria